Benchmark Education

Norwich Public Schools has purchased many Benchmark Education print materials for grades 3-8 as well as 2-year licenses for the online ebooks for grades K-3. These materials are aligned with the Science and Social Studies content areas as well as the Common Core State Standards. Every Stanton teacher has a login to access these resources. Student logins are in process. Click on the links below for resources related to these Benchmark Education materials:
  • Benchmark Education Home Page User Login: Go to to login and access all of the online Benchmark Education ebooks and create assignments for your students so they can read these books independently wherever they have Internet access. We'll send out an email once the students have been uploaded by the NPS IT Department. Below is the teacher login info.
    • Username: Your NPS email address
    • Password: benchmarku
  • Benchmark Education User Guide for Teachers and Students:

Additional Benchmark Universe Resources

Here is another very helpful website that Barbara Andrews has shared with Stanton teachers during our training sessions. This website is different from the New Benchmark Universe site we have been using. This is a FREE website that you just have to log in and register for. Benchmark Universe is in the process of pulling all of the resources on this website into their main website, but in the meantime it is accessible to everyone. Some of the resources include:

  • Informal Running Record forms - There are multiple forms for each level! You will need to access the books on and click on My Library. Students can read the book from the computer or IPad as you take the Running Record
  • Fluency passages called "posters" that focus on various skills such as pausing, inflection, and speed & accuracy
  • Oral Reading Passages in SPANISH
  • Tips and Tools for teachers
Please take a minute, if you haven't already, to set up your free account so you can have access to all of these resources!