Gallery Jigsaw Discussion Protocol

Source: Protocols: ELA CCSS Curriculum, Grades 3-8,

We will use the Gallery Jigsaw Discussion Protocol to discuss Chapters 2-5 in Pathways to the Common Core. Divide into four groups, one for each chapter, and grab a flip chart and markers to create your chapter's poster. You can find links to additional resources on the CCSS to inform your discussions. on the following page on this Wiki:


This strategy offers participants an opportunity to share information with others in a gallery walk-type setting. The protocol involves small group collaboration, while making individuals responsible for the learning and the teaching.


  1. Divide participants into groups—the size of group will vary with the topic and how it can be divided, size of class, age of participants,etc.
  2. Assign each group a specific segment of the topic (example: legislative branch of government, role of a worker bee,or transportation on the river.
  3. Provide each group with additional materials they need to further enhance the study that has already been introduced, probably in a large-group setting (example: government,insects,importance of the river).
  4. Allow time for group to read and discuss the new information. Using prior knowledge along with the new knowledge, have each group create a chart with key points and a visual representation that—in the hosted version—each person in the group will use to teach others in the class.
  5. Be clear that each person has to understand the text and images on the poster in order to present the information effectively. Allow time for the groups to help one another focus on key components.
  6. Post the work around the room or in the hallway.
  7. Regroup participants so each new group has at least one member from the previously established groups.
  8. Give specific directions at which poster each group will start and what the rotation will look like.
  9. The speaker at each poster is the person(s) who participated in the creation of the poster.
  10. When all groups have visited each poster, debrief. Possible debrief questions:
A. What was your biggest “a-ha” during the tour?
B. How was your learning enhanced by this method?
C. What role did collaboration play in your success?
D. Why was the individual responsibility component so important?