Leveled Books

For years educators have been applying the concept of leveled books to match readers to the appropriate text that is written at just the right instructional level. Different publishers, standardized assessments, and literacy experts use different systems for determining the literacy level of books. Click on the links below for grade level equivalent charts and leveling books resources from a variety of literacy sources to learn how to correlate specific books to their appropriate reading level.

Determining Appropriate Levels

  • Find Just the Right Book with Scholastic's Book Wizard: Go to: http://www.scholastic.com/bookwizard/ andb type in the title or author of a book. If it's published by Scholastic, you'll find the grade level equivalent for that specific text.
  • Find the Right Book for Your Level: Do you know your students' Lexile level or range? Go to http://www.lexile.com/ and type your Lexile measure or range into the Find the Right Book box and click Search in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. On the next screen you must choose one or more categories and then click on Find a Book. Like magic, a list of books will appear that are written at the approximate Lexile level.
  • Lexile Analyzer: Do not despair if you can't find a book on the Scholastic Book Wizard or the Lexile Quick Book Search. Go to http://www.lexile.com/analyzer/ to create a free login. Then you can upload any text from a Word document into the Lexile Analyzer to find out its correct Lexile level.
  • Quick Book Search: Go to http://www.lexile.com/ and type in a book title in the Quick Book Search box in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on Search to find the Lexile level for that book.

Leveled Reading Systems and How to Level Books

Reading Level Correlation Charts