Microteaching was first developed at Stanford University by Dr. Dwight Allen and his colleagues to improve verbal and nonverbal aspects of teacher's speech and general performance. It has been used since then in many colleges and universities as a method for training pre-service and in-service teachers. In his seminal work, Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Related to Achievement, Dr. John Hattie cites Microteaching as one of the "Top 10" strategies for enhancing student achievement.

"Microteaching helps teachers improve both content and methods of teaching and develop specific teaching skills such as questioning, the use of examples and simple artifacts to make lessons more interesting, effective reinforcement techniques, and introducing and closing lessons effectively. Immediate, focused feedback and encouragement, combined with the opportunity to practice the suggested improvements in the same training session, are the foundations of the microteaching protocol." (Source: http://www.alcaweb.org/arch.php/room/41/area/19534)

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