Classroom Instruction That Works PD Session at Stanton Network School on 1/31/13

On 1/31/13, Nan Woodson, McREL National Partner, and Jane Cook, Literacy Specialist, presented a Classroom Instruction That Works full day PD session. Click on the links below for resources related to this PD session:
Concept: Teachers will know and understand how to use the following research-based effective teaching strategies:
  • In this seminar, teachers will:
    • Learn about the background and research supporting each strategy
    • Learn how to pinpoint optimal timing or alignment with CT and/or Common Core Standards for each strategy (the when-to-use factor)
    • Learn how to implement each strategy, through studying examples and models provided and immediate practice of the strategy
    • Collaborate with colleagues about instruction (teaching and learning)
CITW Handouts
CITW Strategies - Focus for the Day
CITW Recommended Further Reading

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