Running Records

Running Records are a record of errors, or miscues, that readers make as they are reading. Running Records were developed by Dr. Marie Clay as a way for teachers to quickly and easily assess their students' reading behaviors "on the run", so to speak. Click on the links below for resources on Running Records.

Running Records Handouts and Materials from Jane Cook

Shout out to Bonita Amenta and Meghan Campbell for finding some great running records resources!

  • Bonita Amenta, Stanton Special Education Teacher, found a couple of great Web sites for learning about and practicing running records.

      • Using and Practicing Running Records: Go to for useful information on running records. If you click on the Let Me Try tab at the top of the screen and select a grade level, you can plan an audio of a student reading a text while you practice taking a running record on their reading. Then you can compare your Running Record to the "experts" when you click on See the Running Record and MSV.
      • Running Records 101: Go to for resources on taking and analyzing running records.

  • Meghan Campbell, Uncas Kindergarten Teacher, found an awesome app for the iPad. It's called Record of Reading and it gives you a blank RR form or you can take a pic of a text. it allows you to keep track of errors and what kind. it also saves your Running Records to a Dropbox account if you've got one. It was developed by Clemson University and it's FREE! Find it in the App Store by searching on Record of Reading. It works best with a stylus.

Web-based Resources

Running Records Documents

Books That Are Good Resources for Running Records