SMART Boards/Interactive White Boards

SMART Boards are interactive white boards that allow teachers and students to interact with the computer and Internet Web sites by writing or tapping on the board. Stanton has a combination of SMART Boards and Epson Interactive Data Projectors that turn any white board into an interactive white board. The SMART Notebook software can be used to develop lessons and save information that has been written on an interactive white board. Click on the links below for resources that will help teachers use their SMART Boards effectively:

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange is the SMART Tech Teacher Community. Create a free sign in to access hundreds of SMART Board lessons that have been created and shared by teachers around the country. Click on the links below to find a wealth of resources and lesson plans:

SMART Notebook Express

SMART Notebook Express is a free online version of SMART Notebook software that allows you to edit exisiting or create new SMART Notebook files any time you are on the Internet. Click on the links below to get started using SMART Notebook Express:

SMART Board Lessons from Around the Country

Doreen Murphy's SMART Board Work in Norwich

SMART Board Wikispaces

There are a number of Wikispaces that are dedicated to helping teachers use SMART Boards as tools for teaching and learning. Click on the links below to check out a few:

SMART Board Video Tutorials

Classroom Management SMART Board Apps

Thanks to Katie Daigle at Uncas Network School for researching these classroom management SMART Board Apps: