Sarah Brouillier's Leveled Literacy Resources

Sarah Brouillier, Grade 1 Teacher at Mahan School, has just completed an extensive graduate project creating a database of leveled books using the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) text complexity criteria. With the help of Maureen Delucia and other Stanton staff, they spent the summer reading a wide variety of books and using the three components of text complexity - 1. Quantitative Measure, 3. Qualitative Analysis, and 3. Reader and Text Considerations - to determine appropriate text levels aligned with the DRA levels. They used a rubric based on Nancy Boyle's rubric and the one from the Council of Chief State School Officers. She also developed a short guide for each component of text complexity to explain the qualitative leveling process and its relationship to quantitative and read-task considerations.

Quick Text Complexity Resources for Teachers

Click on the links below for resources from Sarah Brouillier that explain the three components of the Common Core State Standards text complexity:

Leveled Books by Publisher

Sarah Brouillier, with the help of other Stanton Network School staff, reviewed books from the following publishers and leveled them using the three components of the Common Core State Standards text complexity. Click on the filenames below to download these leveled booklists by publisher: