Spot and Dot - A Strategy for Building Vocabulary and Comprehension

Spot and Dot is a reading "fix up" strategy that helps readers decode multisyllable words. This strategy not only helps build vocabulary, it also builds comprehension because it shows students that they are able to read more words than they think once they are able to break them into syllables and recognize them as words already in their oral vocabulary. The strategy is very simple; it consists of the following steps:
  1. “Spot and dot” the vowels
  2. Connect the dots
  3. Look at the number of consonants between the vowels
  4. If 3 or 4 – break after the first consonant
  5. If 2 – break between the consonants
  6. If 1 – break before the consonant, if it doesn’t sound right, move over one letter
  7. If 2 vowels break between vowels
Click here for a Word document with a Student Handout for the Spot and Dot Strategy With Examples: Spot and Dot.doc

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