eBooks is a shorthand for electronic books. eBooks are electronic versions of print books. Some can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer or a mobile device. Others have the capability of being read aloud online. Some have closed captioning so the words appear with the read aloud.Click on the links below for resources related to eBooks as well as some actual eBooks:

Resources for eBooks

  • Open Library - Open Library is an online library designed to create "one Web page for every book ever published." Over 1 million books have already been catalogued. The State of Connecticut is participating in their eBook lending program so go browse their lending library of over 250,000 eBooks.
  • Storyline Online - This Web site sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation contains many eBooks that are read aloud by famous actors along with children. Click on this link http://www.storylineonline.net/a-to-z-book-directory/?sort=titleb for an entire directory to see if some of your favorite books are posted there.

eBooks That You Can View Online